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Am I exempt from residency requirements if I am in the military or I am a veteran?


Military Waiver of Non-resident Tuition

Members of the U.S. armed forces on active duty in the State of California
(and have not been assigned to California for educational purposes) are
exempt from non-resident tuition. There is no requirement to establish
California residency; however, one must be on active duty at the time they
are admitted to the College to qualify for this waiver. Upon separating from
the military, the student will be required to provide evidence of intent to
establish residency in California at least one year prior to the admittance

Non-resident Veterans (AB13 2014)

Eligibility for nonresident tuition exemption contact Admissions and
Records. Dependents of non-resident military personnel are entitled to an
exemption from non-resident tuition until they have established California residency.

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